Monday, 19 October 2009

FOOD is the title of my first project on this course.

I started as we all did with a brain storm, from this I realized that could go practically anywhere with this title, scientific structures to which craft was just 2 of the ideas that i came up with. In the end i decided to go with the quote "you are what you eat", I believe this was the result of our tutors request for us to keep a food diary for 1 day.

My initial idea is to use this food diary and display the food recorded as becoming apart of someone. I have set some food in resin as an experiment.

I set 1/2 a tomato, 1/2 a grape, a leaf of spinach and a sprig of coriander in some clear embedding resin, I then sanded and polished it.

As you can see the fruit seams to have reacted with the resin and is not showing its true colour, this could be solved by coating the food in something before placing it in the resin but more experimentation is needed.

I have also found out that there is currently no facilities in the University to do casting or vacuum molding, which was an integral part of this idea. Although I, in doing this test piece, have found out that it is possible to carve into the resin once it has set. I have always wanted to try my hand at carving so my next step down this line will be to try some carving with wood, using a rotary tool as this is, so I'm told, the most effective tool to use on the hard resin.

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