Monday, 12 October 2009

Last week we were asked to swede (make a short low budget version of) "Independence Day"
and this is what wee came up with

This, as well as being god fun, showed me the power of improvisation. There were several points in the production of this that we had to deviate from our original plan and work out other ways of doing things. the main one being the burning of New York, we wanted to use some kind of small explosive and lighter fluid so it would really go up with a bang! we were told that this would be a health and safety nightmare!and that no flammable liquids could be used. Our hearts sank but with the use of some scrunched up news paper and a helpful tutor New York burnt to the ground.

For some strange reason the first half of the film is in fast forward, i apologizes for this error and hope that it does not impede your viewing pleasure ;-)

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